Monday, May 10, 2010

Let the sun shine in!

a So I know I'm totally behind on blogging, again, and that I need to play catch-up but I HAVE to post about this before I forget.

Christian, Allan and I went and saw "Hair" tonight. We paid 25pp for AMAZING seats! We sat dead center of the orchestra (or stalls as they call them here) and a little to the right. Now the production of "Hair" that's here right now is actually the original Broadway cast that they just transplanted from New York, so Will Swenson (Yes, the guy from "Singles Ward" and "Sons of Provo".) starred in it along with all the original people who won all the Tony's.

No joke people, I knew the show would be good. However, I never thought it would be THAT good. It was easily the BEST show I've ever seen performed live. The vocals were AMAZING! I've never heard a cast of over 20 live performers sound that perfect live. Never. The show was high energy, visually stunning, hilarious and touching and ridiculously fun! At the end of the show, after a SPECTACULAR finale they invited the audience up on stage to dance with them, so you better believe I got up there as soon as I could! We danced on a professional stage as the cast sang along and danced with us! I hugged one of the actors!! At one point when the actors were running through the audience (as they did throughout the show) I got a nod and a wave from Will Swenson. And the whole time we were sitting about 20 ft at most from the stage. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I will never forget this show! EVER!

I promise I'll update ASAP about the rest of my exploits here in foggy London town, but I just HAD to post this right away and let anyone know who may be debating seeing the show, to stop debating and go. I would have paid 3x as much as I did to see that show. I may go again :)

I believe in theatre :)


  1. Remember how I hate you because you saw Gavin Creel?


    But I still love you, also.

  2. Um, maybe I'm dumb, but isn't "Hair" a hecka old show? I'm pretty sure this isn't the ORIGINAL cast, but the cast of the Broadway REVIVAL? Yes? No?

    Either way I'm still really really ENVIOUS of you!